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Learn how to sing with a group! The Class focuses on harmony, and vocal technique while applying it to popular songs. At the end of the session the class will perform a number of songs! Each session brings in a variety of different songs, led by a professional vocal/choir teacher.

Every 'Sing!' teacher has their own unique style, but generally the students will be coached in their singing abilities. They will be led through the songs and collectively select which songs they will perform by the end. Some songs may have hand motions or dance movements. A lot of the outcome of 'Sing' depends on the abilities and enthusiasm within the group. Each class is different! 


• Online - click the class that you want to register in (above).
• Call us at (805) 543-0377
• In person at our SLO location - 3440 S. Higuera Street, suite 130
• By mail. Registration Form and payment must reach us 5 days before class starts.

General Information

• Class sessions are $70* less discounts, and meet 7 times during a session.
• Minimum class size is 8 - share with friends!
• Students can repeat a class to achieve higher levels. 
• Late registration closes after the 2nd class.
• Printed materials are provided for all classes. 
• Replacement materials may be purchased [HERE], or by contacting us.
• No cancellations or refunds after 2nd class. 
*Some schools may vary on prices.


Scholarship Information

• Scholarships are $20 to those who qualify.
• Download a scholarship application form [HERE]

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