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At Music Motive, our instructors all meet and exceed the expectations set forth in the Instructor Certification guidelines. Designed with our students’ best interest in mind, we guarantee an environment that is safe, positive, and rewarding. 

To accomplish this, we focus on three core-attributes: 

education, professionalism, and character.  

Music Motive instructors are all formally trained. In addition to education, we look for real-world expertise in performance and theory. Some of our brightest students have furthered their musical career here at Music Motive through teaching. 

In the process of instruction, professionalism is held in high-esteem. Every week, students rely on our skilled instructors to motivate and inspire them. That is why a “desire to teach” must be prevalent in our instructors’ nature.

The safety of our students is also a principal concern. Our candidates come personally recommended and must have a patient and comfortable character. Background checks and/or federal fingerprinting is required for all new instructors.