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Vocal Lessons

Hitting the High Notes

Voice lessons are also a vital tool for professionals. Many successful artists—indeed most—use vocal coaches throughout their career: Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Prince, Josh Groban, Madonna, Taylor Swift, John Mayer and many, many more. So why not you? 

MUSIC MOTIVE offers private, one-on-one lessons for all ages, levels, and styles. Together, we’ll work on breath control, pitch mastery, placement of the tone, enunciation—even stage presence. 

From these basics all other skill sets are built. Best of all, we’ll teach these concepts using YOUR music preferences in a professional and fun setting.  

Come in for a tour of our hi-tech, state of the art lesson studios—equipped with iMacs, sound systems, recording capabilities, and of course, sound proofed insulation. These rooms offer you a private venue to practice and learn at FULL volume (without worry of the neighbors).

If your instructor requires, you may need to purchase a specific book or other materials which are available at our SLO location.

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