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10 Reasons to Choose Us

1. Friendly, Certified Instructors

All of our instructors are professional musicians who derive great joy from teaching, and do so in a one-on-one private session. These sessions are held in a fun, safe, and positive environment. Click HERE for more information regarding our instructors and their certification.

2. Hi-Tech, Fully Equipped Lesson Studios

Come in to see our hi-tech, state of the art lesson studios—equipped with iMacs, sound systems, recording capabilities, and sound proofed insulation. These rooms offer a private venue to practice and learn at FULL volume. Click HERE for studio photos and rental rates.

3. Performance Opportunities

Student Spotlight was created so our students can gain experience in performance (as well as show off their 'stuff' to family and friends). It’s like a recital but a lot more fun!

4. Monthly Tuition for Maximum Savings

We offer single lesson rates  AND a monthly tuition. The monthly tuition is a discounted rate—designed for the consistent, weekly student. The single lesson rate allows for flexibility with cancellations and/or change of scheduling. For more information on rates, click HERE

5. Curriculum Developed for all Ages & Styles

The curriculum is designed to fit the student's needs. In other words, we meet you wherever you're starting from. Each instructor brings his or her own unique focus. Special packages like the Pro Drum Tour, allow you to learn different perspectives and techniques from our pool of experienced, professional drum teachers. 

6. Endorsed by the San Luis Obispo Symphony 

We are officially endorsed by the San Luis Obispo Symphony for music education. Click HERE for more information on the Symphony, or give their facebook a "like" HERE. Some of our instructors can be found on the Symphony floor. 

7. Local Since 1981

Like so many great origin tales, our story begins in the 1980s. Click HERE for a brief history of MUSIC MOTIVE, and for a message from our founder, Steve Hilstein. 

8. Positive Student-Feedback 

Recently, we asked students for feedback regarding our program. HERE is a list of responses. Though proud of the overwhelmingly positive response we've had, our goal is to continually to find new ways to better our program and add new value. 

9. Ease of Access to Multiple Instrument Education

No two students are alike. Some know exactly want they want to study, and others would first wish to explore the colorful bounds of music. For new students like these, we offer an "Explore Music Package." Click HERE for more information. 

10. Scholarship Program Available 

A limited number of scholarships are available for students under the age of 18.  We know there are many who desire to learn a musical instrument, but would otherwise not have the opportunity to take music lessons without such a program. To learn more, click HERE

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