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Cheers & Applause

"My drum lessons are often the motivation to make it through each week. My instructor is not just a teacher, he has become a friend and mentor as well. Drumming is a source of confidence and positive energy that applies to every aspect of my life."

-David, (age 16) Paso Robles

"I have 2 boys in the [Bucketeers] class and they both love it!  Thanks for a great program." 
-Kristine Maas, San Luis Obispo


"The Bucket Busters is the BEST THING that has ever happened to [my son]!  I cannot thank you, Steve and Micah enough for all of the support you have given [him] through the years. [He] has had several obstacles to overcome and has made progress and has come a long way. I know that he wouldn’t have gotten this far if it wasn’t for his drumming – both lessons [at Music Motive] and Bucket Busters. Thank you!
Sincerely and from the heart,"
[Grateful Mom of a scholarship student] in San Luis Obispo


“Music Motive is a great school with fantastic teachers! I would recommend to anyone regardless of their age or skill level.”
-Toni O’Neal, Paso Robles


“In the time I have been at Music Motive, my drumming and musicianship have improved dramatically. I have a good friendly relationship with my instructor, and my lessons are tailored to my skills and interests. My drum lesson is the high point of my week!
-Justin Replogle, (Cal Poly student) San Luis Obispo


"Music Motive is a great place to learn new beats on the drums. I have had an extremely awesome experience and I have learned so much from my teachers. If your child wants to learn how to play the drums and get better doing it, Music Motive is the right place."

-Noah Liston Nelson, (age 8) San Luis Obispo


"We have been very pleased with the instructors at Music Motive. They are professional, enthusiastic, supportive and invested in the improvement of their student's musical knowledge and skill, while also creating an environment of fun. We would highly recommend Music Motive."

-Amy and Burke Nelson, parents of student Noah Liston Nelson (above)


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“I like the drum school because it is cool. Kids like cool. What they don’t realize is that they are learning music theory and lots more.”

-Bob Teaford (dad), San Luis Obispo


"I have been taking drum lessons for a little over a year now. I finally found an instrument that I enjoy playing, all thanks to Music Motive. I am so grateful for the music experience they've given me, and I want others to experience what I have." 
-Maddy Abroms, Age 15, San Luis Obispo


“My son who is shy has been a student at Music Motive for almost 2 years. With the supportive, talented teachers he has grown not only musically, but in his self confidence. This is the first activity that he has made a commitment to continue for more than just a season”.
-Sonia Meena, Shell Beach


“Music Motive has built a great program. My boys have been taking lessons for less than a year and I can’t believe how they’ve become ‘real drummers’ already. Their teacher is the coolest, most sincere person. He really loves his students.”
-Deborah Henderson, Avila Beach


"Since I started taking lessons at Music Motive it helped me find my passion for drums and made me want to do it for the rest of my life."

-Runar Samuel, (age 13) Los Osos


"The staff at Music Motive are all fabulous. [The teacher] is awesome and we love him. Runar has learned so much and drumming has become his life. Music is such an important factor in your child's life - it keeps them focused, well rounded and they get to rock out. The neighbors are very pleased with Runar's progress too!"

-Laura Samuel, Los Osos


"Brandon has made tremendous progress in his skills as a drummer. He has thoroughly enjoyed working with each of his instructors. They have all seemed to really take an interest in helping and encouraging him, and have given him an appreciation for many types of music. We're very pleased with his experience!"

-Carrie Sanders, Paso Robles


"Music Motive is an excellent place for children to learn a love for music. I have a son (8) and daughter (13) learning to play the drums there. Both are learning at their own pace in a style that fits their individual personalities. The teachers are knowledgeable, gracious, and great percussionist!"
-Wendel Heil, (proud mom) San Luis Obispo

Monthly Newsletter Email List 

We usually send only one per month. Easy opt-out.