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Drum Lessons

Private "one on one" drum lessons give you the most accelerated way to learn as you play the drums because all of the instructor's attention is on YOU. Each lesson is full of drum tips, exercises and information. It's focused and efficient.

Our drum instructors are friendly, patient, and professional working drummers who love teaching students of all ages. You can play the kind of music you love, and learn as you play. Students can have fun while improving drumming techniques and reading skills while learning a variety of styles. Our curriculum is for all levels and was developed by Music Motive drum instructors and director, Steve Hilstein. 

Our hi-tech state of the art studios are sound proofed so you don't hear what's going on in the room next to you. Each is equipped with iMacs, wide screen monitors, sound systems, and recording capabilities.

You may be directed to get a specific book or other materials designed especially for you by your instructor. These resources are available at MUSIC MOTIVE for your convenience.

Music Motive originated after director/owner, Steve Hilstein sold The Drum Circuit drum shop of San Luis Obispo in 2007 so that he could focus on developing music education throughout the Central Coast, CA. He kept the drum instruction part of that business known as Drum School 101 and had already ventured in other musical areas offering guitar and piano lesssons. His drum lesson program has been developing since he began teaching in 1981. This well established drumming program and many of it's original teachers are now all part of MUSIC MOTIVE.

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