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Meet Our Students - Video

Featuring our new students who are getting started, and those who have been with us for awhile, going further. 
Be inspired.

 Get Started - Sebastian Barbir

Meet 9 year old, Sebastian Barbir who is considering rock stardom, while having a great time learning and playing his electric guitar.

 Get Started/Go Further - The McDaniel's

They say, "a family who plays together, stays together", but 3 drummers in one family, including mom?! Meet the McDaniel's, one of our favorite Music Motive families.

 Get Started - Riley & Christie

Sisters, Riley (7) on drums and Christie (9) on guitar, have been taking lessons for less than a year, but they're already looking toward stardom!

 Get Started - The Franciskovich Kids

It's always a pleasure to have the Franciskovich Kids in our studios. They're not only nice, and well behaved (due to their skillful parents), they are a great example of how music enriches the lives of children at an early age.

 Get Started - Ron Leverett

Ron Leverett wanted to start learning to play guitar. He's not a kid anymore, but that hasn't kept him from following his desire, and he's having a lot of fun doing it. Ron takes guitar lessons from Justin Pecot at Music Motive in San Luis Obispo.

 Go Further - Joan Reese

Joan Reese played piano back in the day, but things suddenly came to a halt. She has chosen to overcome the obsticles, and after many years she's back at it again. It's never too late to follow your passion. Welcome back Joan.

 Get Started - Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a deliteful young music student with dreams, ambition and a big heart. She loves playing her guitar... and she likes Elvis and The Beatles.

 Get Started - Emma McAdams

Emma is delightful and inspiring. This is what learning to play an instrument is all about!

 Get Started - Evan Acquino

Evan Acquino. He's young. He's cute. He knows what he wants, where he's heading, and what he wants to be when he grows up.

 Get Started - Lukas von Bischopinck 

Lukas is young, ambitious drummer. He's focused, and knows what he's talking about. 

 Get Started - Katie Withey

Katie is very enthusiastic about her singing career. She may be young, but she 'gets it'!

 Get Started - Steven Saavedra


Steven is a young ambitious musician bound for excellence! From what we understand, he's wants to be a Bucket Buster!

 Get Started - Miles Kennedy

Miles is not your average 6 year old. He loves playing the violin and, as you will see, he understands the process of learning.

 Get Started - Jack Dolan 

Jack really is just getting started. We would hope that every student could share his kind of fun and enthusiasm!

 Go Further - Noah Nelson


Noah is a gifted drummer. We've known that since he was a 7 years old. His articulate nature and raw energy are a great combination when he performs with the Bucket Busters.

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