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Meet The Motivators

This page features some of our music teachers to share with you, their musical journeys and experiences.

 MOTIVATOR - Liam Bronkar, drums/piano/guitar/bass

  Liam Bronkar went from private lesson student and Bucket Buster, to Music Enrichment Class teacher and Private Lesson instructor. This talented young man shares his passion for music.

 MOTIVATOR - Dean Giles, drums

  Dean Giles is an inspiring drummer, teacher, motivator, and in demand - with a ton of experience and passion that radiates when you're in his presence.

 MOTIVATOR - Kaitlyn Perry, piano/guitar/vocals

  Kaitlyn Perry is in demand and equipped with a teaching credential. She could work anywhere. We're glad she teaches at Music Motive!

 MOTIVATOR - Devin Welsh, piano/vocals

  Devin Welsh is a multi-talented musician who plays keyboards, guitar, and vocal chords, but he also, and most importantly has a keen ear to instinctively play the right thing at the right time.

 MOTIVATOR - Dale Moon, drums (part 1)

   Dale Moon,  drummer for Travis Larson Band, is our longest running instructor at Music Motive. He's a brilliant drummer, a passionate thinker, a gifted teacher, and one of the kindest people you will ever meet.

 MOTIVATOR - Dale Moon, drums (part 2)

   Dale Moon continues to articulate on musicianship, his students, and answers the question, "If you could play with any band, who would it be?"

 MOTIVATOR - Joe Payne, piano/guitar/ukulele/bass

   Meet Joe Payne, Music Motive's teddy bear of a well rounded musician, performer, and guitar/piano/mandolin/bass/ukulele teacher at our Nipomo Studio. His love for music, and sharing his passion is exceptional.

MOTIVATOR - Steve Ambarian, guitar/ukulele

   Music Motive's own "Uka-maniac" as we like to call him, the amazingly talented, Steve Ambarian. He's a great musician, song writer, recording artist, performer, guitar/ukulele teacher, half of the duo -  Stereo Steve, and just a really nice guy. That's why he also works behind the counter, helping customers and students find their musical way around our store and studios. 

MOTIVATOR - Wyatt Lund, drums

  Wyatt Lund is a drum instructor and the Program Manager for Music Motive. One of his favorite aspects of teaching is "Encouraging students to take the plunge and experience how fun performance can be." 
Currently, Wyatt is playing with local rock quartet Truth About Seafood and classical pianist Rudolf Budginas.

MOTIVATOR - Steve Hilstein, director

  Steve Hilstein has created a legacy by empowering music teachers and students since 1981. He's an active drummer on the Central Coast and abroad and is currently the director of Music Motive.
Steve curently freelances in between dates with The Scarlet Furies, Stereo Steve, and local favorite, Oasis Band.


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