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Hand Percussion Lessons

We’re pleased to hear of your interest in hand percussion! Despite its easy reputation, hand drums require more skill than meets the eye. If a player wishes to stand apart and truly wow an audience, he or she should first attain rhythmic experience from a qualified instructor.   

Our private, one on one lessons offer YOU the most efficient and accelerated way to learn hand drums. Lessons are taught in a fun and positive environment, with all of the instructor’s attention on YOU.

Come in for a tour and we’ll show you our hi-tech, state of the art lesson studios—equipped with iMacs, sound systems, recording capabilities, and of course, sound proofed insulation. These rooms offer a private venue for you to practice and learn at FULL volume (without worry of the neighbors).

Depending on experience, students generally work on proper position and hand placement, performance techniques, as well as general instrument care. 

If your instructor requires, you may need to purchase a specific book or other materials, available at our SLO location. Also, we carry a variety of hand drums for purchase and rental.  

Call: 805.543.0377 for more information.

More on Hand Percussion

For the beginner

Do you have a djembe, conga, doumbek, or bongos lying around? How about a bucket or a coffee table? Learning the basics of simple technique can gain you access to the incredible sounds and rhythms of hand percussion. 

For the experienced  player

Getting bored playing along to the same old Santana records? The best way to break out personal plateaus is to challenge oneself. With expert guidance, come study Afro/Cuban/Brazilian rhythms with our professional musician/instructors.