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Violin / Viola

We’re pleased to hear of your interest in learning the violin. Despite the instrument’s challenging reputation, MUSIC MOTIVE’s violin students are setting and reaching new goals every week! 

Our one-on-one private sessions are held in a fun and positive environment. Come in for a tour and we’ll show you our hi-tech, state of the art lesson studios—equipped with iMacs, sound systems, recording capabilities, and of course, sound proofed insulation. These rooms offer a private venue to practice and learn at FULL volume (without worry of the neighbors).

Depending on experience, students generally work on proper position, music reading and theory, scales, performance techniques, as well as general instrument care. 

If your instructor requires, you may need to purchase a specific book or other materials, available at our SLO location. Also, we carry strings, bows, and rosin in-stock for your convenience. 

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More on the Violin

Sweet and soft, yet courageous and powerful. On the forefront the violin commands melodies to and fro, elevating their message; in more supporting roles, they may simply add a subtle texture for depth and richness.

The agile shape and higher range of this instrument accounts for its diverse expressiveness. Whether plucked or bowed, staccato or legato, traditional or fiddle, violins are multifarious creatures and are always welcome in songwriting and performance communities.