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We’re pleased to hear of your interest in woodwinds! MUSIC MOTIVE offers private, one-on-one lessons for all ages, levels, and styles. Our qualified and versatile instructors are here to guide every step of YOUR journey. 

Once enrolled we will work together on proper technique, notation and music reading—as well as general instrument care. Ultimately, the curriculum is designed to fit YOUR needs. 

Come in for a tour and we’ll show you the hi-tech, state of the art lesson studios—equipped with iMacs, sound systems, recording capabilities, and of course, sound proofed insulation. These rooms offer a private venue for you to practice and learn at FULL volume (without worry of the neighbors). 

If your instructor requires, you may need to purchase specific books or other materials available at our SLO location. Also, reeds and other accessories are carried in-stock for your convenience.

Call: 805.543.0377 ext 1 for more information.


More on Woodwinds

Do You Hear The Sound? It’s the bassoon enriching Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring with powerful range, while the piccolo sprinkles melodies of folklore through the hills of Ireland. Listen further and you’ll hear the saxophone enthralling fans at rock, jazz, and pop concerts around the world. 

The breadth of woodwind influence is almost too wide to define. We know without it our orchestras would be doomed, our movie scores would loose their heart and our jazz halls would collapse. Thankfully, woodwind performers breathe new life into the experience of music everyday.  

The prestigious woodwind family invites you, are YOU ready?

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